Your Moving Company Checklist

Are you looking for a company to move your valuable possessions? This checklist can help you find the high-quality and ethical moving company that is right for you.

The Check√ist
(See? It has a checkmark, so you don’t miss it.)

1) Your moving estimate should be free.

2) A reputable moving company will not ask you to pay up-front. Like with the moving estimate, you should never have to pay before work is actually completed.

3) The moving company should always provide an on-site inspection. If they provide a preliminary phone estimate, they should perform an on-site inspection as well.

4) The estimator should take time to look around and ask detailed questions to complete a thorough on-site inspection.

5) Check out the company on the Better Business Bureau website. The BBB is an organization that keeps businesses accountable by giving them a rating based on customer reviews and other criteria.

6) Angie’s List is a great resource for finding both good and bad reviews about a company.

7) Confirm that the company has a local address as well as licensing and insurance information that match their company name. Some disreputable companies may frequently change their DBA (Doing Business As) name to get around the BBB.

8) Ask about the company’s differences in policy when you pack your belongings compared to when the mover packs them. In some cases the mover may only guarantee your items if they do the packing.

9) Ask about extra fees and surcharges. The company may have an extra fee for moving large furniture (pianos, etc.).

10) Moving out of state? Check whether the company is a broker or an agent of a van lines. An agent under the oversight of a van lines is held accountable to that higher authority.


Interested in moving with Apex?

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