Your Community-Minded Movers in Seattle-Tacoma

Here at Apex Moving & Storage, we are proud to provide high-quality movers as well as service to our local community.

Since 1997, we have been open and operating in the Seattle-Tacoma area. Over the years, we have serviced thousands of moves for community members in all walks of life.

Along the way, we asked ourselves, since the community helps us by hiring us – what can we do to help our community?

Throughout the years, we’ve been involved in many different types of community service. We began by helping our local church with their monthly food distribution. We would help by driving the church’s van to pickups and drop-offs, visiting local food banks, collecting donated food and delivering everything to the church.

After a while, the partnership extended to using our resources like library carts, dollies and pallets to make food distribution easier.

Our community service also includes Move for Hunger, a charity made up of movers who collect nonperishable food items from their customers to deliver and donate them to local food banks.

All our customers need to do is set their unopened nonperishables aside and we will pack them in a special Move for Hunger box and donate it to our local food bank – we support the Puyallup Food Bank.

We wanted to work with a charity that works toward ending hunger because we believe that no one should worry about where their next meal is coming from. Nearly a million people struggle with hunger each year in Washington. We thought that if we could do anything at all to help, we would.

In Washington State, 15% of senior citizens skip meals due to food costs and 1 in 6 children go hungry in the state every year. Skipping meals due to any factor, whether not enough money or food, can actually lead to obesity, increased risk of heart problems and other illnesses.

At Apex Moving & Storage, we have donated over 500,000 meals to Move for Hunger over the past four years. Along with other moving companies in Washington, that makes a large impact on fighting hunger in the state.

In 2019, we were honored to receive Move for Hunger’s Mover of the Year award, recognizing our dedication to giving back to our community.

Our service to the community is visible in everything we do at Apex.

We treat every single one of our customers like family and move your possessions as if they were our own. We know you place high sentimental value on your items, so we take many precautions to care for them during the moving process.

We only hire employees who have been background checked beforehand. We value the professional-level training each of our employees has and are fully-licensed and insured. We also offer home protection kits. We do all of these things to prove to you that we care about you and your experience moving with Apex Moving & Storage.