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Find A New Doctor or Dentist After A Long Distance Move

Bob: Knock. Knock. Freddy: Who's there? Bob: Doctor. Freddy: Which Doctor? Bob: Freddy, you ruined it, you're supposed to say "Doctor, Who?" And then I would have said...never mind, forget it.

Despite what Bob may think, "Which Doctor" is the right question. When you move long-distance, finding a new doctor that's right for you can be quite a challenge, and that's no joke.

Here are three places to get helpful information for your search:

  • Local Chamber of Commerce
  • Local BBB Website
  • Referrals
Reliable referrals can come from any number of different people: Friend. First, try the people you trust the most. If you have any friends who live in your new area, ask them who they have as their practitioner. Neighbor. Second, you could ask your new neighbors. It could be a good excuse to meet them, if you haven't already.

Practitioner. Third, you could ask your previous doctor who they would recommend. However, at most your doctor will probably only be aware of the general reputation of prospective doctors.

The local BBB website and Chamber of Commerce can provide you with more general information about a doctor. You may be able to find reviews, comments, and complaints from their patients as well. Hopefully one or all of these tips will help you in your search to find a great new doctor after you move into your new home.

Bob: Let's try this again. Knock. Knock. Freddy: Who's there? Bob: The Doctor. Freddy: The Doctor, who? Bob: The Doctor right for you. Freddy: No joke? Bob: No joke.


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