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Giving Back to Our Community This Holiday Season

This holiday, we’re thankful for our community in the Seattle-Tacoma area.

Many years ago, we at Apex realized we have a passion for helping those in need in our community. We began to help our church with their monthly food distribution. Dean would help driving the church’s box van for pickups and dropoffs. 

Because of this, we met Mike. Mike drives his motorized scooter to church every Saturday night. Every month, Mike lines up with others during the church’s monthly food distribution, collecting perishable and non-perishable food donated to the church for people in need. After receiving canned goods, meat and other food, Mike is always thankful to volunteers and staff. 

What Mike, and others at the church, don’t see is the preparation that goes into these food donations. Days before, Dean and Loretta from Apex Moving and Storage drive around the community picking up food at local food banks, collecting donated food and delivering that food to the church.

After a while, Dean realized that, as the owner of a moving company, he could be utilizing his companies resources to better help the church. With our resources, like library carts, dollies, boxes, pallets, jacks, trucks and more, the workload for food distribution was made so much easier for everyone involved.

At Apex Moving & Storage, we believe in doing good for our community - not as a way to promote ourselves or to brag, but to share with our community how we are helping to support it as a business. We help with food drives for local food banks, as well as pickups and deliveries. We also work with Move for Hunger doing pickups. 

While all this information is great to put in a blog or social media, the recognition within the community makes it worth it. 

We don’t share our story just to tell you, but hopefully to inspire you. If you have any resources that could be shared with your community, that could create an opportunity for you to explore. 

By taking an active role in your community, you create name recognition for people in your community. That’s the best kind of marketing you can wish for.

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