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Black Diamond Movers

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Black Diamond, Washington is just one of the many locations Apex can move you to or from. With its population of 4,476 residents and a small coal-mining town feel Apex can help you feel right at home here with a number of our services, including :

  • Local or Long Distance Moving Options
  • Packing and Unpacking Services
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Specialty Moves such as Piano Moves, Gun Safe Moves and More!

We know a thing or two about moving with this team of highly skilled professionals and a reputation that has lasted since 1997. When you sign up with us you will benefit from:

  • Family-Owned and Operated
  • Fully Licensed DOT#:1064661
  • Trusted since 1997
  • Fully Insured (General Liability/Workmans Comp)

Apex is here to help. We will move your items with ease and efficiency without the hassle. To hear more about our services call us at (800) 643-8896 or fill out our Free Moving Estimate Form.

Apex makes our services very transparent. There are no hidden fees, services or deals. What you see is what you get. Plus, you get it all while giving back due to our partnership with Move for Hunger. Apex helps you with your Black Diamond move by providing full-service movers.

 Apex’s Services in Black Diamond

It’s always good to know what kind of services a company can provide to you. It lets you gather some information that might be vital to your move’s success.

  • Local and Long-Distance Movers: Whether you are moving in your local area or you are moving somewhere far away, Apex Moving and Storage has your back. Our team of professionals can get you anywhere. Local and Long-distance movers provide you with the best moving options possible as we can move anywhere
  • Shipment Tracking: Keeping an eye on your items lets you have peace of mind during your move. With shipment tracking your mind is at ease when you know that your items are secure and constantly going through our inventory system that keeps track along the way.
  • Packing Services: We train our professional movers to pack each of your items with care. Our team is equipped with the right packing supplies for the job. We will even unpack your items when you get to your destination. They will be carefully unpacked and then our committed movers will help you settle in.
  • Specialty Moves: Our movers are skilled at a number of specialty moves such as piano moves, gun safe moves, emergency moves and even dorm room moves. Having specialty movers help on your move means you are prepared for all situations and it cuts down on the many facets of a big move.

Our experienced movers take every precaution when moving your items. We allow tracking of those items with our specialty moves tracking service. Our movers will get your items wherever they need to go whether that be locally or long distance.

Why Move to Black Diamond?

Focusing on the move can be stressful and it can be easy to forget to focus on the destination. So here are some things to do in Black Diamond, WA:

Polish, German and Central European Cuisine: Have you ever just wanted to party like it’s 1999 with some schnitzel and some apple strudel? If so, then Europa restaurant is your place. It’s a Polish, German, Central European treat for the senses!

Black Diamond Museum: A rural coal mining community that’s steeped in 1800s coal mining history. From the days of mining cars and railways to times of war, the Black Diamond Historical Museum brings the history of the town to life. Visit this museum for a taste of 1800s Americana.

Franklin Ghost Town: Leaving its mark in the region, coal mining created a boom in business and then disappeared leaving behind relics of a forgotten age. The Franklin Ghost Town is a town abandoned by time. As you hike the trail your eyes will be drawn to the headstones of those who perished here and you will marvel at the mining cart that carried coal, as well as the sealed mine shaft that reaches deep into the earth.

Black Diamond is an adventure! Consider Apex to get your items there in comfort and style. With our team of professionals, we can make your Black Diamond move easy.

Apex Can Help You Move To Black Diamond

Our dedication to you is exhibited by our dedication to our local community as well. We have been named  #1 Mover of the Year for our national van lines by Move For Hunger. Because of how we dedicate ourselves to helping people through tough times we believe in a better moving experience. Our dedication to you can be seen in how we do business. We focus on you and getting you to your destination.

If you want more information or want to ask about our services, call us at (800) 643-8896. To request your estimate today, fill out our Free Moving Estimate Form

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Is There a Difference Between a Quote and Estimate?

Simply put, a quote is an exact price for a job set by the mover while an estimate is the mover’s best guess as to how much it will cost, subject to change. A quote is set in stone, unless there is a variation to your contract, which would include extra work or a change in the scope of a job. There is no such thing as a binding estimate, your contractor can change the price for a variety of reasons.

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