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Washington State to California Movers

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California is one of the largest states in the country, so it’s no wonder people are moving there. If you’re relocating from Washington state to the Golden State, let Apex take you there! Since 1997, we have been moving our customers all over the country, so you can depend on us to get you there.

We are a full-service long-distance moving company, and in addition to our dependable moving services, we offer services such as:

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Storage options before or during your move
  • Auto shipping
  • Here at Apex Movers, we are:

  • Interstate agents for National Van Lines, a nationwide network of hundreds of agents
  • Fully-licensed — USDOT 070719, WDOT 1064661, WSHG 60652
  • Fully insured with general liability and worker’s compensation
  • Family-owned and operated
  • If you’re moving to California, get a free quote from Apex Moving & Storage today! Call us at (800) 643-8896 or fill out our online quote form.

    Moving to California from Washington State

    If you are looking to relocate from stereotypically rainy Washington state, California is a great option if you’re searching for some sun!

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    Whether you are moving for a job, or a change of scenery, California truly offers something for everyone. From coastal beaches to lush wine country to amazing Redwood forests, and everything in between, the Golden State offers it all.

    The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that 55,467 people moved from Washington to California in 2018. That number continues to grow as California’s economy and job market expand.

    Many people relocate to the Golden State for work – Seattle and the Silicon Valley both share a booming tech industry. Many professionals in that industry relocate to California for higher pay and more career opportunities.

    While the cost of living in Washington state is higher than the national average, California boasts the third-highest cost of living in the country, just below Hawaii and New York. Of course, the cost of living will change depending on where in California you decide to settle.

    In addition to bustling cities, California offers an abundance of magnificent outdoor recreation. You can hike in the mountains, fish in crystal-clear lakes, enjoy wildflower super blooms, and surf in the sea. The beaches are second-to-none with beautiful sand, crisp water and hot sun.

    The Golden State has nine national parks – more than any other state in the country.

    Another draw for people moving to California is the educational opportunity. The University of California alone has 10 campuses and nearly 300,000 students. 107 Nobel Prize winners have graduated from UC Berkeley alone.

    The cuisine in California is nothing to scoff at, either. The Golden State is a paradise for health gurus, vegetarians, fine dining and fast food. There are more than 1,200 wineries in the state that produce a majority of the wine sold in the country.

    A Look at Popular Destinations in California

    Los Angeles: The second-largest city in the country, Los Angeles attracts a diverse range of people from far and wide searching for sunshine, exciting city life, and even fame. The city, as well as the larger metropolitan area, is home to many things to see and do. From downtown city life to beachside views, Los Angeles offers plenty for all people.

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    As the hub of entertainment nationwide, Hollywood attracts many writers, producers and actors hoping to make it big.

    San Diego: The “birthplace of California” is home to many historical sites that are a draw for many. The surf culture of San Diego is present throughout the city, and the proximity to Mexico has ensured that the city has world-class cuisine available everywhere. Some consider San Diego to have perfect weather, as it is consistently temperate and comfortable all year long.

    San Francisco: The heart of the Bay Area and just north of Silicon Valley, San Francisco is world-renowned for being an innovative tech hub. The Bay Area is also stock full of other interesting cities, many with a young, diverse and artistic population who moved to the area to follow the booming tech industry.

    Moving Services from Washington to California

    Since 1997, Apex Movers have been moving our customers to California safely and efficiently. That’s because we offer a variety of services to fit your needs!

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    If you’re moving to California from Washington, you can count on Apex:

    • We handle all packing and unpacking for you
    • We will disassemble and reassemble large furniture
    • We always use specialty boxes to ensure safety of your items
    • We offer a free moving estimate with no obligation

    When moving to California, you’ll want to make sure that your movers are properly certified to move you to your destination. Apex Movers are a mover with over 20 years of expereince, so we can take you wherever you need to go.

    If you’re moving to California from Washington, check out Apex’sMoving Tips page for helpful tips and information, and a timeline of tasks to complete before your move! We also offer our Buyer’s Guide for Household Moves to provide answers to frequently asked questions and definitions of moving terms you may come across.

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    Yes, our moving company is fully-licensed and insured. For example, our licensing numbers are US DOT#1064661, HHG#HG060652, and MC#441701 . We are also fully insured providing general liability and workers comp.

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