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Moving and Storage Tips Before You Move

There are several things you will want to consider before you move. That’s why we put together a helpful list of things to consider when you go through your moving experience. It is our desire to make your move as easy as possible. Some of the things in our “Before Your Move” pages will remind you of key things that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Check out some of the information on the following pages and see if you’re prepared for your move.

Your Move and the Weather

Moving brings its own set of challenges. Moving in Seattle is not like moving in some warmer, drier climates. We have many more days of rain and that can really make a mess of your move (and more importantly) your belongings, if you’re not prepared.

If it does rain on your moving day, be sure you’re vigilant of what the weather might do to your most important belongings. Even if Apex is helping, the more people watching over your possessions the better. So be sure to make sure your expensive tables and furniture are dry once they arrive in the truck or into your new house. Our Moving professionals are experienced enough to know to look for these things, but one more set of eyes (yours) is never a bad idea just to be sure. Don’t let the weather mess up your valuables. Be prepared for anything.

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