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Seasons of Moving: The Best Time Move for Any Season

With the spring season officially underway, you may be thinking about getting started on moving to a new place. With the weather warming up and road conditions improving, it probably seems like a perfect time to move. While that sounds perfect for those of us living in the northern states, there are a few other times of the year that could be just as good to move in for other reasons. There are also specific times of the year that make the process of selling your home and hiring a moving company more challenging than others. To give you a better perspective on the year from a mover's point of view, here are some strategies for moving in each of the four seasons.

Moving in the Winter

January and February are the best months to move during the winter. Many people's schedules open up at this time of year, allowing them more time to move with fewer commitments to events that take place during the holidays. However, during the weeks before the new year, moving companies are usually at their least busiest and can sometimes offer special rates for people looking to move during their slowest period.

If you'd like to move in January, this means that you might have to start packing and planning in December. For many people, this usually means scheduling and making appointments between holiday parties, shopping and other events that take place near the end of the year. However, if your schedule is flexible and you don't have too many commitments, December could be an ideal time to get everything done.

And of course, during the winter, one may need to consider preparing for inclement weather and hazardous road conditions caused by ice and snow, depending on their location. While you may be a professional winter driver, it's good to be sure you pack your belongings thoroughly in protective packaging to ensure complete safety. You can never be too careful!

Relocating in the Spring

Over the years, home sales have usually shown high rates during the spring season. This means that there is a high amount of potential home owners that are ready to move quickly in order to beat the larger moving rush that takes place in the summer. With more houses on the market, it becomes more likely for you to find a house or apartment and move into it faster as movers are just beginning to pick up business. The best time suggested to move during the spring would be in late April and early to mid-May. Additionally, there's an obvious advantage that comes in the spring with the weather warming up and driving conditions being easier than in the winter months prior.

Summer Moves

Weather conditions during the summer are usually perfect for relocating homes. The sun is out and everyone wants to do more outside. And with many people's schedules more open up, it can be very easy to schedule a move without worrying about interruptions to other commitments, especially for families with children on summer vacation. However, with the surplus of availability for customers, this also means heavily booked schedules for moving companies from June to August. With this in mind, it's best to get an estimate and plan your move several months in advance so that you are guaranteed a moving date in early summer. This will also allow you to take advantage of lower moving estimates and rates before companies raise them due to higher demand as the months grow hotter.

Moving in Fall

With the kids (finally) back in school and the holidays still to come, the fall can be a good time for many people to plan their move. As mentioned, rates from moving companies usually begin to lower as the weather cools, and the market usually starts to become less competitive than during the summer. The temperature also makes it easy to transport belongings without the discomfort or dangers of moving in the heat or snow. Ideally, the best time to move during the fall would be any time between mid-September through the end of October.

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