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Electronics Packing and Shipping

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Our newest offering at Apex Moving & Storage is electronics shipping. We recognize the specialized technique and care it takes to pack and ship expensive, delicate items and we’ve taken the time to learn exactly what it takes to move these items safely and efficiently. Our electronics services include:

  • All necessary packing materials
  • Full inventory and procedure list
  • Careful packing, shrink wrapping and loading
  • Climate-controlled warehouse storage if needed

If you’re looking for a company that can safely move your electronics, choose Apex Moving & Storage. We are:

  • Family-owned and operated
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Expert movers with over 20 years of experience in the industry

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Apex Moving and Storage is the trusted full-service mover in Tacoma and Seattle. We offer a variety of moving services including our new electronics shipping service. If you are a Tacoma-Seattle company looking for electronics palletizing, our professional movers have the experience and work ethic you need. We have mastered the art of safely packing, shipping and handling large electronics and equipment.

Whether you are a commercial business, warehouse, medical facility or school, Apex has the experience and equipment to complete your move. Our movers will shrink wrap your electronics and secure them on our pallets for delivery. We will remove any unused and obsolete electronics that you need. Our professional Tacoma moving crew has years of experience and training in shipping fragile electronics. As the trusted Seattle and Tacoma movers, we guarantee you superior service that is delivered on time and on-budget.

Tacoma Electronics Shipping Company

Packaging electronics for shipping requires a lot of attention to detail. Every device needs to be inspected for vulnerable areas and packaged with extreme care and precision. Preventing damage during transportation is vital, and our movers take every step necessary to assure the safety of each item. Your individual moving coordinator will work with you from start to finish to ensure that any special requests are fulfilled and any issues are resolved. Our years of experience have taught us how to ship electronics effectively and affordably.

How Electronics Packing and Shipping in Tacoma and Seattle Works:

  • We provide all the necessary packing materials including pallets, pallet jacks, shrink and bubble wrap, packing peanuts, packing tape and moving boxes.
  • Inventory and procedures are established before anything is touched.
  • Our movers pack your electronics with the safest and most efficient supplies.
  • We load the electronics onto our pallets.
  • We shrink wrap the pallet so that your items are secured for a local or long-distance shipment.
  • We carefully load the equipment onto our trucks.
  • Your items are stored safely in our climate-controlled storage warehouse facility until either we or your national long-haul carrier take it for shipment.

Our process for fast shipping electronics is effective and cost-efficient. It is a process that we have taken years to perfect. With our knowledgeable movers, specialty equipment and resources, we can perform any size electronics packing and shipping service. As a premier moving and storage company, we are more than familiar with handling large, fragile and valuable items with extreme care. We take all the necessary precautions when palletizing your electronic devices and securing them for shipment.

Shipping electronics in cold weather can present difficulties if not done properly. Our Apex movers have mastered the elements in Tacoma and Seattle. Our packing, storing and shipping process ensures that your electronics stay at room temperature. This packaging solution ensures that there are no short circuits or damaged lithium batteries. Your electronics are as secure as when they were in the original packaging.

Affordable Electronics Packing and Shipping

Electronic Board

When you are looking for a Tacoma-Seattle moving company that can safely package and ship your electronics, go with Apex Moving and Storage. We offer a fast and affordable electronic palletizing service. When looking for electronics shippers, you want movers that have experience handling, packaging, storing and shipping all kinds of electronic equipment.

Don’t go somewhere that is going to have to call their own service. There are no third parties involved when you choose Apex. Our full-service electronic palletizing service will take all the stress and responsibility off your hands. We do it all from start to finish. Our movers have the proper training, equipment and resources to handle every aspect of your electronics move.

Don’t settle for anything less than Apex Moving and Storage and their premier electronic pallet packing service. We are the professional movers that will package and ship your electronics safely. We do all the heavy lifting so you won’t even have to lift a finger! Contact us at (800) 643-8896 today to speak with a moving representative and learn more about our electronic palletizing service. You can also fill out our online estimate form to receive a free estimate.

Did you know...?

How Does Moving Valuation Work?

There are three levels of valuation. The basic plan is typically called “Release Rate Liability” and will pay you a certain amount of money per pound which is generally a fraction of what your item's value is.
You can also get “Full-Value Coverage” which means that, if your belongings are lost or damaged, will be repaired, replaced with like items, or you get a cash settlement.

Lastly, you will be able to mark your items on a “High-Value Inventory" list. All items that are valued at over $100 per pound must be on this list. This can be anything from jewelry to art to antiques and more.

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