Who Put The “Pain” In Painting?

While a lot of things are painful, painting is half “pain” and half “ting” (whatever that means) and whether you are painting a newly purchased home, or one you are planning to sell, it feels more like all pain, with no other half.

I have personally experienced this pain. My family and I decided not to hire professionals to paint our new movie room and paint it ourselves. After countless hours of painting and nearly four full coats of paint, we were finally done.

While it now looks beautiful and all purple-y, we probably could have saved both time and money if we had followed these five steps:

Pick a complimentary shade. There are several considerations when picking your paint color. If you recently bought your home, it may help to match the color with the furniture. If you are selling your home, neutral colors are generally a better choice so that the prospective buyer can visualize whatever they want.

Get the right tools. Make sure to get all the tools you’ll need the first time. Home Depot, Lowe’s, and similar hardware stores will generally have everything you need, and an employee will usually be happy to point it out to you.

Before you get in your car to get your tools, it can help to make a list. You can use this list to supplement your own:

  • Paint rollers/brushes
  • Painter’s tape
  • Roller pans
  • Drop cloths
  • Gloves
  • Paint (The rest are rather pointless without paint)

Cover up the furniture. Before you even open a paint can, you should cover up any and all furniture that might be in danger of becoming a different color. You can use a drop cloth, and other plastic coverings as well.

Tape off everything. Make sure that everything on your walls and ceilings (moldings, window frames, doorways, etc.) that should remain unpainted is taped off, to avoid any mishaps.

Make it fun. The most important part of any painting project? Fun. Feeling bored, sad, or otherwise wistful? Turn up the painting music! Trust me, it’ll make the difference.


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