Whatcom Museum Art Exhibitions

If you’re planning on moving to the Seattle, WA area, you’ll certainly be delighted with the Whatcom Museum’s featured Art Exhibitions. Located in Bellingham, just a couple hours away from Seattle, you will find yourself completely immersed by the culturally shocking, engaging, yet educational museum. Culturally rooted in art, nature and Northwest history, the museum is committed to serving the community by connecting it through combining old tradition thinking and new age thought.

Its vision is to inspire the community to start thinking about our changing cultural, natural, and historical landscapes in order to understand our shared heritage, preserve the ways of the past, and build towards a new future together. Nationally accredited by the American Alliance of Museum’s, the Museum features more than 200,000 artifacts and art works of regional importance as well as a number of art exhibitions that will not leave you disappointed.

Tribal Canoe Journeys: Paddle to Lummi

January 3 – March 8, 2020; Light catcher 1st Floor Hallway

This exhibition features photographs documenting the Tribal Canoe Journey of 2019, Paddle to Lummi. This reoccurring cultural experience, hosted by different tribal nations of the Salish Sea area, travels the water from their tribal village to the homelands of the Lummi people. Those on the journey paddle the whole way in family canoes to reach the potlatch. When they arrive, everyone celebrates by sharing food, dancing, playing music, and sharing gifts. This canoe journey is a month and half long voyage that celebrate the ceremonial practices of indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest Coast and coastal British Columbia. The idea is to capture the rich history of the Salish tradition as well as bringing their story to life.

Who Are We? Washington’s Kaleidoscope

October 18, 2019 – February 9, 2020; Old City Hall

With over 7 million people, each complete with their own unique story, Washington is a kaleidoscope of people. Celebrating the cultural melting pot of Washington, this unique exhibition features detailed profiles of magnificent figures who’ve fought for our civil rights, advocated for the disabled, protected the environment, defended our nation, and pushed the boundaries of innovation in Washington. Don’t miss your chance to meet a diverse cast of standouts who have influenced Washington and its community throughout the ages.

What Lies Beneath: Minerals of the Pacific Northwest

August 17, 2019 – February 2, 2020; Old City Hall

Minerals and rocks are the fundamental building block of the earth. Their natural beauty can be quite stunning when their light reflects and catches the eye. There are many uses for rocks and minerals including building material, cosmetics, cars, roads, appliances, etc. Even human beings need to consume minerals daily in order to remain healthy. They contribute to the beauty and wonderment of the Earth and hold the history of the material used to build the infrastructure around us.

Partnering with Friends of Mineralogy – Pacific Northwest Chapter, Whatcom Museum presents a spectacular display of minerals gathered throughout the Pacific Northwest. Amongst their public display are two extremely rare quartz crystals known to be the finest in the world. With a showcase of over 50 different kinds crystals and fossils, there is plenty to discover and learn about during your visit. There are a variety of different programs and hands-on activities that will certainly keep you occupied as well.

Beautiful amethyst crystals

Family Interactive Gallery

The Family Interactive Gallery provides a wonderful experience for children of all ages. The hands-on museum space offers many educational opportunities in science, art, technology, innovation, problem-solving, early childhood literacy, and cross-cultural experience. Children can explore activity stations, create art in the Family Interactive Studio, or participate in some of the creative activities they have to offer. The studio’s activities encourage children to hone their imagination, creativity, and problem-solving abilities while learning about art, artistic processes, and artists from around the world. Featuring a science lab, an art station, story time sessions, and an interactive music center, there are plenty of engaging activities that will certainly keep the whole family entertained.

So if you are making a move to the Seattle, Washington area and are looking for something extraordinary to do, be sure to make your way down to Bellingham’s Whatcom Museum for an amazing chance to see some of the world’s finest displays of art and history. There is plenty more to see and do while at the museum including a café, a souvenir shop, an interactive art studio, and a science lab. You won’t want to miss out on this spectacular experience for your friends and family to enjoy, and join Apex Movers in saluting the fine work this museum provides for our community.