How Do You Move A Messy Room?

Have you ever been in a messy room? You probably have. You might even be the proud owner of a messy room.

Once, while visiting extended family, I walked into a room where the entire floor was nearly a foot deep in toys. I couldn’t take a single step without maiming a stuffed teddy bear, decapitating a barbie doll, or causing an (un)natural disaster for a Lego village.
If you’re moving your stuff to a new home and you’re the unfortunate soul who has been drafted to pack up a messy room, get ready. It can be quite a nightmare.
Use these 3 simple techniques to turn the nightmare into a happy dream of bunny rabbits, flowers and cotton-candy butterflies. (Ok, maybe not the butterflies).


1) Organize before you pack.

<pOrganize your clothes and items into three piles, “Keep,” “Throw,” and “Donate.” You can check out my previous blog post for more details on Organizing Your Space.


2) Pack a separate bag.

One thing many people miss is that you will need certain essentials the first night you move in. At the end of a long day, you definitely won’t want to organize a search party to find your toothbrush, soap, and dental floss in separate, unlabeled boxes scattered across your house. You can check out another previous blog post to see more details on The Importance Of An Overnight Bag.


3) Label your boxes clearly.

When you’re packing the boxes, it is extremely important to mark and label them with a general category like “Laundry Room.” However, it can also be very helpful to write a list on the box of what’s inside.


Oh look! The bunny rabbits and flowers are coming! Wait, are those cotton-candy butterflies?



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