No Matter Where You Move, Support The Seahawks

We are the 12th Man.

(Stop. Rhyme time!)

We are the 12th Man. You, me, us, we.

(Moving on.)

Every year, many of the 12th Man decide to transplant their entire lives to a new city, a new state, maybe even a new country. If you are a solid Seahawks fan, you could be asking yourself, “Will I have to stop supporting my state sports teams when I move?”

The Answer is a resounding: “No.”

There will be other people who have the same loyalties you do. So you won’t be alone, even if you move to Denver. (But, seriously, who would want to move there anyway?)

Did you know many NFL players don’t live in the cities they play for? For example, Marshawn Lynch just recently purchased a $3.6 million home in Richmond, California. At that price, it might even be big enough for the entire 12th Man to move in, or at least come over for a victory party!

If Lynch can “Beast Mode” for a state he doesn’t even live in, it should be a breeze for you to continue supporting the Seahawks no matter where you are.

See you at Superbowl 48. Broncos, here we come!

Go Seahawks!


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