How To Move Large Furniture

Many years ago, we were moving a very wide couch into my basement for a brand new movie room. We played it smart and had four people with moving straps, but the stairwell was barely wider than the couch. After some extensive finagling, we got it to the bottom, though not before my cousin had scratched a long black mark in the freshly painted wall with one of his many rings.

We didn’t repaint the wall, and as far as I know, the mark is still there. We hung a painting over the spot and several more paintings nearby to make it look presentable.

From the time and effort we all put into presentation, it is important to most of us. Many people invest time in getting one aspect of their lives as close as possible to perfection. Take cars, for example, I’ve seen my neighbor spend many hours washing and waxing his car, sometimes more than once a day.

People do all sorts of things to keep themselves and their possessions looking great. Some clean their cars, others landscape their yards and many style their hair in the latest fashion. Whether it’s landscaping or “hair-scaping”, good presentation matters. And when moving out or in, keeping your walls and furniture in good condition matters too.

Here are some strategies you can use to get ready to move large furniture, like a piano, without scratching it, or the paint on your walls:

  • Pad everything in the pathway (door frames, table corners, etc.)
  • Pad the item itself
  • Rent a dolly and/or moving straps
  • Don’t move alone

Get help when you move large furniture, because it could cost you more money in chiropractic visits than it would for a lightly used Lexus. If the project appears too challenging, contact us for a free moving quote and we will send our professional movers to help you.

One thing I learned from my moving experience, is that when you are preparing to move a wide couch down a narrow stairwell with the help of a cousin wearing a lot of rings, you may either want to have him take off his rings or put on his industrial-strength driving gloves.

Unless, of course, you want a reason to have a little more artwork on your walls.


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