Moving from Washington to Oregon

Moving from Washington to Oregon doesn’t seem like a big move. While they are neighboring states, it still is a large move that requires much planning and time. As the owner of a full-service moving company in Oregon, I have many years of experience moving people in and out of Oregon.

Moving to a new state is always a big deal, even if they neighbor each other. That’s why I have put this guide together using my many years of experience and detailing what you need to know about moving from Washington To Oregon

Similarities and Differences Between Washington to Oregon

Washington and Oregon are neighboring states with a lot in common. With less than 3 hours between the two biggest cities in each state, they might seem very similar, but there are some definite differences between the two states. Below you will find a list of these Washington and Oregon similarities, as well as differences to help you be better prepared.


Tourism: Washington and Oregon are both filled with national parks and beautiful scenery. places like Mount Hood and the John Day Fossil Beds in Oregon, and Mount Rainer and Puget Sound in Washington. They both have a wide variety of scenic experiences for everyone.

Geography: Both states border the Pacific leading to a milder climate, but due to the distance from the equator, it can get quite cold in both of these states during the winter. The average temperature in each state is roughly the same, with Oregon averaging 85 in the summer and an average low of 36 in the winter, while Washington averages 79 in the summer and 46 in the winter.

Historical Significance: Both of these states share many similarities to one another. One of these similarities is history. Washington boasts historical sites connected with America’s past like Deception Pass Bridge and the Fremont Troll Rock Carving. Oregon also offers many historical sites for history lovers like the Astoria Column and the Oregon State capital building. These states offer something for everyone.


Population: The population sizes of the two sizes are quite different. With Washington having 7,614,893 people and Oregon having only 4,217,737 people accordion to the 2021 US Census. While this might seem like a lot of people but these are actually two of the smaller state populations compared to states like California with 39 million people and New York State with 19 million. While these states are smaller in the number of people they are amongst some of the more robust states when it comes to size.

Culture: Seattle and Portland are the two state’s largest cities. While only 6 hours from each other, they are quite different with Seattle being more of a New York Style metropolis; and, Portland being smaller but fast-growing. Seattle also features certain neighborhoods (like Downtown Capitol Hill, and Bellevue) that draw comparisons to San Francisco in terms of urban density and cultural variation. But Seattle’s denser population also makes the area feel much more overcrowded and congested than Portland.

Cost of Living: The cost of living in Seattle vs Portland is exponentially different. Portland has an average home price is $564,334 and Seattle’s average is $915,340 according to Zillow. That’s a difference of $314,500. This shows how Oregon’s cost of living is much lower compared to that of Washington.

While they both have their differences, they also share a few similarities to one another. They also neighbor each other this means an easy adjustment to the new surroundings.

How to Choose a Washington to Oregon Mover

Having the right moving company makes all the difference. My many years of experience have helped me gather some tips  on how to choose the right moving company for your Oregon Move move:

Check Licensing: Using a licensed mover is a great way to start off your move. If they have licenses, you can find them at the bottom of the home page of their site. This makes sure that they are a legitimate company.

FMCSA: Using the Federal Movers Database lets you see the company’s insurance and other useful information that can help you discover more about the company you intend to hire. Use the Federal Movers Database Tool to find out more information.

Decluttering: Many movers will help sell, donate or dispose of unwanted items. This can help you save money on moving costs.

Take Complete Inventory: Prepare for the unexpected and keep a detailed inventory with pictures of your items. This ensures that you can document their before and after conditions if they are damaged or stolen.

Going with trained professionals who are licensed for all moves will provide you with the special needs you require.

Packing Tips For Your Washington To Oregon Move

Packing for a move shouldn’t have to be overwhelming. Not knowing how to prepare or what to do on such a big move is scary. So after many years of moving experience, I have put together a few tips that can help you.

  • Using a Mover for Large Items: A mover is really helpful to move larger objects like heavy cabinets, dressers or gun safes. This cuts down on injuries to you and damage to your home.
  • Declutter: Decluttering cuts down on things like junk, trash and unwanted items and many movers will help sell, donate or throw away any unwanted items.
  • Quality Vs Quantity: Finding a lot of moving boxes is easy. Finding quality moving boxes is hard. Focus on finding quality boxes that will be durable when you move rather than flimsy boxes that may break.

These tips should help you start your move off right. Moving with a mover you trust to handle your items is the best idea for a successful move.

Final Thoughts

Having the right movers means you can be confident that you are getting the best service possible. Movers that are able to handle any moving requirements. A mover with many years of moving experience will serve you better on your Washington to Oregon move. Look for a fully licensed and fully insured moving company that can also offer you specialty move experience as well as have an A+ rating from the BBB. This will ensure you have the right movers for your Washington to Oregon Move.