The Importance Of A New Address

Moving? New address? (Clearly, if you’re moving, you’ll have a new address.) So, if you’re moving, check the invisible and hypothetical “Yes” box. If you mentally checked “Yes”, then you, wisely, want your mail to arrive at your new home.

For that purpose, the US Postal Service has a handy-dandy form that you can fill out online. They charge a small fee of $1.05 to verify your identity and will then redirect all of your mail to the new address. 

In addition to updating your mailing address, here are a number of services you will want to update with your new address:


  • Loans
  • Savings


  • Dentist
  • Doctor
  • Pharmacy


  • Auto
  • Home
  • Life


  • Magazines
  • Newspapers


  • Electricity
  • Garbage
  • Internet
  • Satellite or Cable
  • Telephone
  • Water


  •, etc.

This is also your opportunity to NOT update your address with annoying services, junk mail purveyors, nosy neighbors, and/or the IRS. (Disclaimer: I don’t recommend tax evasion. They will find you!)

While this is list is not exhaustive, it should be a great starting point for you to add to, on your own. After it’s all said and done, you can think of every letter and package that arrives at your new home as a birthday present to yourself! (If it’s your birthday, it’ll actually be true!) 


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