Tips For Keeping Warm While Moving

Seattle can be cold and rainy, and Denver, the Broncos’ home city, gets even colder.

If you are going to the Super (Snow) Bowl, or just moving to a cold area and watching the game on TV, there are three points to keep you happy when temperatures drop.

  • Insulation
  • Extremities
  • Wool

Insulation. Multiple layers of loose clothing create pockets of air that are warmed by your body heat. Then that air continues to keep you warm. It’s a continuous cycle of happiness.

Extremities. Most heat loss happens through your feet and the top of your head. So, it’s a great idea to wear a hat and thinner socks. Like loose clothing, thin socks leave room for warm air in your shoes, which makes for happy toes.

Wool. When it comes to staying warm, water is your worst enemy and wool is your best friend. Wool absorbs large amounts of water before feeling “wet”, is more resistant to freezing temperatures, and keeps you warm even when it’s wet. And if you can’t keep dry, then wool can at least keep you warmer and perhaps a bit happier – as long as your team is winning, that is.

Extra Point:

Whether you are moving to Alaska, or flying to New Jersey for the big game, make sure to bring chapstick. It won’t keep you warm, but it’ll keep your lips from cracking.


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