Free Slurpees, Summer Heat, and (Big Gulp) No Air-Conditioner

It looks like we have quite a bit of Summer heat inbound. Hopefully you already cooled down a bit with your free “July 11th” Slurpee from your local 7/11 convenience store. If you missed the cutoff time or the day entirely, don’t feel too bad, the frozen beverages, though free, were incredibly small, plus they aren’t that good for you anyway. (Full disclosure: I got one anyway.)

A couple of weeks ago we gave you some personal tips on how to Stay Frosty, Ice-Cream Cone. I’m here to provide you with three team-oriented tips on how to cool down your house and help your whole family chill, without an air conditioner:

1) Close your windows, shades and curtains.

It may seem like blowing air through an open window is a good plan, but only if the air outside is cooler than what’s inside. Keeping your doors, windows and blinds closed, traps the cooler air inside. This will make your house a bit darker, but it will dramatically reduce the temperature in your home. Window glass converts solar energy to heat and open curtains pour that heat directly into your house, while closed curtains block most of it. The darkness inside your house will probably make little difference to you because you’ll likely be outside or at work during the day. What vampire wants to sit inside the house on a sunny day? (Answer: Every vampire. All of them.)

2) Blow some air around.

Moving air definitely helps you feel cooler. Unfortunately, once your house gets hot inside, just blowing hot air around is not enough to make sleeping comfortable. And most of us don’t have a clue on how to effectively blow hot air out of our houses. Here’s what I’ve learned: The first key is to have fans (plural, at least 2). The second key is fan placement, which leads to Tip 3.

3) Use fans strategically to blow the hot air completely out.

First, you can’t just conjure cold air from nowhere. It must exist already, and second, you must find a way to release the hot air as well as invite the pale frozen winds inside. (Why pale? It, sounds… colder, right?)

Knowing what you know now, wait until nightfall to begin your devious plan. Once night falls, open your windows. Place fans in the upper windows facing out (if you have multiple stories). This will blow the hot air out and bring the cold air in from outside. If you have a single story home, blow the air across your house. Remember, the cold air has to come from outside, so at least a couple of the windows should not have fans in them, or those fans should point inward.

If you follow these steps, your house should cool down and stay a lot cooler, unless of course, the air outside stays hot during the night. If so, good luck with that. Otherwise, enjoy chilling in your cool, yet un-airconditioned home.

Now your house is cool. Like, totally rad, dude (or dudette).

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