Group Interview Preparation Part 3

In this economy, there are hundreds of people applying for a single job opening. For the sake of efficiency, many employers conduct group interviews to make the interview process shorter and easier on their end.

Several years ago, I applied to work at an Apple store in the nearby mall. I received a call in response to my application, in which they invited me in for a group interview.

In Part Two we talked about listening before you speak. In Part Three we are going to discuss how to exit stage left (In other words, how to leave the group interview gracefully).

After my many group interview mistakes, it was over. Then came the scene exit, the so-called end of the movie. What I didn’t realize, is that the interview may not have really been over. The interviewer might have still been watching.

What comes next is a contrast between what to do and what not to do (In other words, what I did) in that group interview:

What I Did Wrong

With the interview declared to be over, I simply left the building. Although it wasn’t quite as simple as it sounds, since the building was a large mall. I didn’t stop to say goodbye, or to shake anyone’s hand (other than the interviewer’s).

I vanished in a cloud of smoke.

I up and left.

I exited the scene.

Someone called “Cut!” and I just cut and ran.

What To Do Right

Now you might be wondering what everyone else (all the other interviewees) were doing while I was sprinting away. They were exchanging contact info with each other, shaking hands, and saying final farewells to each other, even though they knew they would probably never see one another again.

There are a couple of reasons that this graceful goodbye would be a great idea:

  • The interviewer may still be watching the interaction (making the final decision)
  • The other people could be potential resources for other job opportunities
  • The individual who gets the job could recommend you if you were to reapply

Every failure is a learning opportunity. If you want to succeed where I didn’t, remember to Be Yourself, Listen Before You Speak, and Leave the Interview Gracefully. If you keep these three concepts in mind you will have a much better shot at being the “chosen one” in your next group interview.


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