Group Interview Preparation Part 1

In this economy, there are hundreds of people applying for a single job opening. For the sake of efficiency, many employers conduct group interviews to make the interview process shorter and easier on their end.

Several years ago, I applied to work at an Apple store in the nearby mall. I received a call in response to my application, in which they invited me in for a group interview.

What comes next is a contrast between what to do and what not to do (In other words, what I did) in that group interview:

What I Did Wrong
I was uncomfortable, nervous, and perhaps even terrified. “What is a group interview? How is this going to work?” The questions reverberating in my mind beat my confidence to a pulp. Normally, when I’m comfortable, I smile, laugh, maybe even make a joke or two. But I wasn’t comfortable. I was extremely UN-comfortable. I didn’t smile, laugh, or even come close to making a joke.

I was the worst thing possible in a group interview. I was dull, boring, and silent.

What To Do Right
The primary thing to remember is that you are just one of the many applicants who are uncomfortable, nervous, and perhaps even terrified. Now while it may not seem comforting to know you are in the middle of a group of crazy, scared people, it can be helpful to recognize that the situation is not dire. Your life is not in danger. No one is waving a gun in your face. This is a job interview. Important? Yes. Life or death? No.

So take a mental step back, a deep breath, relax, and be yourself.


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