Get Ready For Summer! Part 3 of 3.

“What happened to my patio furniture? Oh, yeah, I remember. I wrapped it in duct-tape and buried it in my backyard for the Winter. Now where was that hole?”

Before winter begins, we wrap up our patio furniture to avoid the rust, mold, and dirt that comes with the rain and sometimes the snow. (Snow is awesome, just saying.)

But the process is inverted when Summer comes back around.

Stop. Summer Time.

(Like Hammer Time, get it? No? Go back to sleep.)


Inbound are three simple steps to set up your patio furniture for Summer:

Step One: Unwrap

Unwrap the water proof covers and get out the cushy cushions.


Step Two: Wipe off

Wipe down the hard surfaces for a heavenly shine.


Step Three: Dust

Dust off the soft surfaces and remove any food stains that remain from the previous season. (Yes, it’s usually a good plan to get rid of those chocolate stains on the patio chairs before anyone sits down, for obvious reasons.)

“Found the patio furniture! It was under the dog kennels!”


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