Decluttering Your Hoarders Nest: How Warehouse Storage Can Help Hoarders

Hoarding affects between 5 and 14 million people in the United States according to Scientific American. This disorder has a hold on many people and is treatable. It’s important to understand why you or a loved one does not want to organize and declutter their home.

Many moving crews are skilled at decluttering hoarders’ nests. This can be a challenge for any individual, but decluttering items can be very freeing and liberating. With these types of downsizings, care has to be taken into account. A hoarder’s nest can be a safety hazard, and with it comes specific criteria that need to be met when moving.

What is Hoarding?

Hoarding is the compulsive need to save items. These aren’t necessarily items that have been in the family for generations. These are items that may have been bought a day ago or are simply trash. Hoarders however, have a compulsive need to keep those items. This compulsion can lead to things being stored for long periods in all areas of the house.

Many professional movers can help declutter items and help move them in a safe way. Everyone wants this to be a smooth transition so we would like to show you how to provide help for the hoarder.

Tips to Improve Your Hoarders Nest Decluttering

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to moving a hoarder. They usually have so much clutter that it can be hard to secure, dangerous to carry and cumbersome. Here are a few tips for a hoarder’s nest declutter:

Learn About The Condition: You begin to help them move by learning more about the condition they are facing. Learning about it will help you gauge the best way to approach the hoarder and provide the best service possible.

Plan Ahead: Planning will keep you prepared for any situation. Cleaning out a hoarder’s nest can be fraught with dangers and pitfalls. For example, some items may be in hard-to-reach space or are overly cumbersome. This is where planning ahead comes in. Being prepared for outlying circumstances is the only way to protect yourself from injury.

Let The Hoarder Or Their Guardian Be The Ultimate Decision Maker: This is incredibly important to the success of the declutter. This is because they have a sense of ownership over these items and may not want them cleaned up or moved in the first place.

Talk Storage Options: Discussing how to declutter is an important talk to have with a hoarder, but equally important is a talk regarding what to do with their items once the decluttering is completed. It’s good to let them know that their items can be stored and protected from the elements and damage until it is decided what to do with them.

Your hoarding experience will be filled with different challenges throughout your time decluttering. Therefore, it’s essential to give them space and read this blog for more information on how best to declutter their home.

A Great Storage Option To Help You Declutter Your Hoarders Nest

There are a few great options when it comes to storing your items. Storing your items with a moving and storage company has benefits that allow the hoarder to feel comfortable in their choice. Here are some options available to store these items.

Warehouse Storage: Climate-controlled and monitored 24/7 by a team of skilled professionals. Warehouse Storage is an excellent option for hoarders to store their items. All sofas and oversized furniture items can be covered by Clear Guard shrink wrapping and placed on heavy-duty industrial warehouse racking.

Self Storage: Self-storage requires more effort on your part but is still a very viable option for storing items. With self-storage, you would have to move things yourself into the storage unit. They will be 24/7 monitored and may be climate-controlled, but without a professional’s added security and care.

Final Thoughts

With these ideas in mind, you can focus on the positives of the experience. Using the tips above can help you develop healthy habits in the hoarder.