3 Tips For Moving With A Pet

No one needs to tell us how important a pet any person or family. We’re pet lovers too, so we know that your dog, cat or any other pet you have at home means a great deal to you. No matter what kind of pet you have, people like us know that a pet isn’t just an animal, it’s a member of the family. We understand that your pets comfort and quality of life means a lot to you. There’s no end to how much joy and fulfillment people get from their pets, which is why you’ll want to make sure that your pet is ready when you move.

Whether you’re moving locally or across a long distance, it’s important to know what to do to make things easy for your pet. Since we view our pets as family, it can sometimes be hard to remember that they are not human, and therefore they can’t make sense of new settings and events as fast as we can. When your pet doesn’t realize that a big change is about to come, such as a residential move, they can become just as stressed out as any human. So, we’ve decided to give all our fellow pet lovers a few tips to help ease the transition. Here’s some advice that will keep you and your pets happy and stress-free during your move.

Vet Visit: We know, a trip doesn’t to the vet doesn’t sound like the ideal way to de-stress your pet. But as unpleasant as vet visits can be on Fido, it’s important for you to be at ease before you can help your pet, knowing your pet is healthy will help accomplish this. In order ensure that you have enough time, make sure you schedule your visit two or three weeks before your moving day. This is also a great chance to make sure you have any and all prescriptions and other medicines your pet will need after you move. You may not know where a vet’s office is in your new neighborhood, especially if you’re moving long distance, so it’s vital to make sure this is done before you move.

Keep Them Occupied: We’re sure your pet is capable of some amazing tricks, but packing, loading a truck and driving to your new home are a little trickier than catching a ball in mid-air with your mouth. You’ll want to have a professional moving crew around to take care of all the heavy lifting that will have to be done when you’re moving. Planning your move, coordinating with the moving crew and getting things loaded up will probably take all your attention, so it’s best if your pet has something else to do. If you own a snake or goldfish, this likely won’t be a problem but for dogs and cats, it’s usually best to have someone keep an eye on them while you’re moving. It’s also important to remember that not all people are animal lovers like us. Some members of the moving crew may be uneasy around pets, so moving day is easier on everybody without having to watch over your pet.

Lastly, try and get as much of your unpacking as possible done before picking your pet up from the sitter. Being able to devote more time to your pet instead of unpacking will make the transition easier. Also, if you can unpack any of your pet’s belongings, such as a doggy bed, it will help make a new home seem more familiar.

Prepare Moving-In Kits: We highly recommend having moving kits ready for you and every family member including your pets. These kits should contain any and everything you might need immediately upon moving into your new home, including pet food, toys and other items such as scratching posts. Organizing a home full of moving boxes takes time, so you’ll want to able to access the essentials right away. Being able to take your time while unpacking makes all the difference.

With these tips, you and your pet should be ready for any type of move. For more moving tips and advice, be sure to regularly check our blog page.