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Mind Maps: Organizing Your Life

The Mind Map. Awesome. You might have heard of it. You might not. But I am about to tell you about something that saved me from going insane, off my rocker, completely and utterly bonkers, last year.

People are busy. I’m busy, you’re busy, we’re all busy. Whether it’s work, birthday’s, weddings, or everyday responsibilities, it can be tough to keep track of all that information.

I understand completely. Last year I struggled with keeping track of what needed to get done. It was incredibly frustrating. I wasn’t a very nice person because I was stressed out.

Then I remembered a concept my dad taught me: The Mind Map.

What is a Mind Map?

Quite simply, a mind map is a map of your mind. Or, more accurately, of your current thoughts, ideas, or tasks. It allows you to pour all of the info rattling around in your brain onto a sheet of paper. It could look something like this:

mind map exampleNow whenever I feel confused or overwhelmed, I just write out a quick mind map (It only takes around 60 seconds) of everything I need to do. Almost immediately my mind is free to think of other things, instead of shutting down, just trying to hang on to my thoughts, which are now (quite conveniently) on paper. I could finally relax.

The best part of The Mind Map, is that it works for anything and for everyone. Designing a video game? Mind-map it. Writing a book or a news story? Mind-map it. Planning a wedding? Mind-map it.

I think you’ll love the results. I did. And I still do.

Planning a move? Mind-map it, and move with Apex!

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