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Mafia Movers Hold Belongings Hostage
May Is National Moving Month… And there’s already been a hostage situation.   Be careful who you move with – especially if the moving company is named “Mafia Movers”. In Denver, several individuals had their belongings held hostage by an unethical moving company going by the name of Mafia Movers (I’m not making this up), who tripled the price after loading, demanded they pay up immediately, or never see their stuff again. Here’s the full article on FOX31.   It was a painful experience for the people involved and it’s a great learning opportunity for all of us. Here are four key steps to make sure your move stays in good hands:
  • Get an in-person estimate.
  • Get a written estimate.
  • Don’t settle for an estimate over the phone.
  • Don’t hire the Mafia to move you.
Additional Resource: The BBB has a great article on how to Avoid Dishonest Carriers. If the mafia (or any other criminals) are holding your belongings hostage, don’t be afraid to call the local authorities. Trust me, the real police can handle any unethical moving company, even if they are mafia. Are you looking for an ethical moving company that is unaffiliated with drug cartels, criminal organizations or, for that matter, scary clown juggler unions?   Move with Apex! We follow a set of core values, have an excellent reputation with the BBB, and are a part of Stevens Van Lines. We also provide a free moving estimate.