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How To Answer The Simple Interview Questions

How to Answer Simple Interview Questions

In a job interview, the most generic, standard, and simple questions can be the ones that leave you wide-eyed and slack-jawed. But they don’t have to be. If you check out these tips and practice your answers it can become a breeze. Here are three of the most common(-ly difficult) interview questions and how to answer them:   “Tell me a little about yourself?” When the interviewer asks this question, they don’t really want to hear your whole life story. All they want is a brief summary of your work history, specifically, how each of your previous positions make you more qualified for this one.   “What is your biggest weakness?” This one can be a bit scary. Remember that, first, they are only asking in a work-related sense. So, telling them you eat lots of donuts, or on the contrary you are an exercise-aholic is probably more information than they are looking for. Secondly, the interviewer is wanting to make sure you are a normal, grounded person who will be able to relate to your co-workers. That’s why it can be a good idea to talk about a weakness that you have in common with a lot of people. You might even be able to turn a strength into a weakness, just don’t be too obvious. (My biggest weakness is that I can be too humble, in fact, I am probably the very most humblest person alive, by far.)   “What experience do you have in…?” Most of your time talking (specifically about yourself) should happen while you are answering this question. If the rest of the interview questions were equated to milk and cookies, your answer to this question is the meat and salad of the interview. This is where you should talk about any and all experience you have that relates to the prospective position.   Before the interview, it can be helpful to write out your answers to these questions and practice in front of a mirror. If you read out loud, you will be able to tell whether it sounds natural or unnatural. You also get face-to-face practice this way (How great is that?). Remember that talking about yourself is important, but relating your skills and experience with the position is even more important. However, please do talk about yourself as well, and don’t give them a speech about how great their company is. It’s OK, they already know how great they are.   Got a new job that requires you to move to a new location? Move with Apex! We follow a set of core values, have an excellent reputation with the BBB, and are a part of Stevens Van Lines. We also provide a free moving estimate.

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