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3 Green Moving Tips

Moving usually involves the use of several resources and materials. There's moving boxes, packing materials, unwanted items that get thrown away, not to mention all of the fuel used during transit. Making sure your move goes smoothly is important, but it's also important to know that there's an eco-friendly way to do so. There's a few simple steps you can take to make sure you keep waste to a minimum during your move: Here's a few tips on how to move green.

Start with What You Already Have

If you are opting for a DIY move, gather up any plastic bins, cardboard boxes, old linens, newspaper and all other containers and packing materials you already have and begin packing with those first. If you need tips on packing, view our moving tips page for a guide on how to pack for your move properly. Using what you already have saves money, reduces waste, and helps consolidate what's already in the home. This method can also be used when hiring a professional moving company to cut down on the amount of packing materials you need to purchase and save the moving crew time by having less to pack.

Recycle/Reuse Packing Materials

Once you've gone through all of the packing materials you already own, ask your mover if they offer used or recycled packing materials. If they do not, be sure to check with friends or family, they may have some old boxes they would be willing to part with. If all else fails, a quick Google search should show you the closest place that offers used or recycled boxes. It doesn’t take very long to find used moving and packing materials, but it does have a considerable positive impact on the environment. Be sure to recycle what boxes you don’t use.

Donate/Sell Extra Belongings

This last point is especially important for long distance moving. We can't tell you how much easier a move is for our customers who simply have less stuff. Take a close look at your things and decide how much you could let go of or what you would like to replace. You can save time, cut down on moving costs and make some extra cash if you sell unwanted items online or at a garage sale before you move. Any unwanted items that you don't sell, such as old clothes or toys, can easily be donated to a local charitable organization. Remember, what you don't want can be helpful to someone else.
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