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6 Weeks Before You Move

6 Weeks Before You Move

What items should you really move?

When it’s moving time, you have to be brutal about what to keep and what to toss. Don’t just move everything. Chances are there are items that you haven’t used in years. Don’t bring them. Consider donating things that you don’t want to move and are in good shape. Those that are not, toss them. When you take into consideration what it costs to move, some items may not be worth moving. Another idea before moving is to have a yard sale before you move. Even better, partner with other neighbors and do a neighborhood sale which can really pack in the buyers.

Moving Supplies (moving boxes, paper, packing materials)

Do you plan on packing your own things? If so, you’ll need all the moving supplies that Apex Moving and Storage sells like moving boxes, moving paper and packing materials. We sell these moving supplies in our offices and will soon offer them on our site. And if you’re worried about price–don’t be. Our moving supply prices are as competitive as they get. We believe the moving boxes you purchase should be sturdy and designed for moving household goods and to prevent damage to your belongings.

X Marks the Moving Spot

Before things are moved, plan out where you want your furniture so everything has its place. You can use butcher paper squares that represent furniture to get an idea of each item’s footprint and write on them, so when the movers arrive, they know what goes where.

Where are we moving to?

To become familiar with your new community before you move, try spending some time there, if possible, a few times prior to your move. Go at different times. Get some information on schools, community programs, parks and recreation from the local Chamber of Commerce while you’re in the area.

Will you be needing any travel arrangements?

Now is the best time to make your travel arrangements (hotel, flights, car rental, etc.). Try to keep your travel plans flexible to accommodate any last-minute changes or delays.

Save your receipts

Keep all receipts for moving-related expenses in a designated moving folder. Many moving expenses are tax deductible. Obtain an IRS Change of Address form (Form 8822), by calling (800) 829-1040 or go to www.irs.gov. You can download and print Form 8822 and most other IRS tax forms; e.g. (Form 3903) to help deduct moving expenses.

Records and valuables

Insurance, medical and dental records should be placed in a safe, accessible place. Also include prescription and vaccination records. Plan on taking all vital documents such as: wills, stock certificates and other one-of-a kind items (jewelry, coin collection, photos, etc.) separately.

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We are here to help! Just let us know where you are moving to and from so we can get you a free moving quote. It's that easy!

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Carol DeVries
Carol DeVries
23:18 12 Jun 17
Our APEX estimator, James, is a true professional and provided a prompt bid and follow up. The office staff was knowledgeable & courteous. The moving crew comprised of Eugene (an amazing lead), Manu, Billy and Ron were on-time, treated each other with respect and humor. They were hands-down the hardest working crew we have experienced! They made our move fun! A huge thank you and major KUDOS to APEX Moving and Storage for a seamless seamless transition to our new home!read more
Vennie Decker
Vennie Decker
19:14 22 May 17
Great experience with movers Jerome, Manu and Tarik. They were hardworking gentlemen and handled our belongings with care. Our move went smoothly and they were very efficient. Sales and Coordinator were also very professional.read more
Laurie Jackson
Laurie Jackson
20:44 23 Apr 17
Excellent service!!! Apex was awesome, in every way! Initially I contacted them for an estimate - they came out, were very professional, explained everything - all the options - nothing hidden, super helpful! I got my estimate which was explained very thoroughly to me and that it was an "estimate" and how it could maybe go up or maybe go down. Again, very up front and professional, nothing hidden at all. The date ended up changing and the office staff were nothing but courteous and understanding the entire time - I knew I could count on them! Moving day finally came and the moving staff were super friendly, helpful, and very efficient! What I really loved about Apex was they broke down those items that needed to be (e.g., a treadmill, some shelving) and it was ALL included - when I arrived at my destination and everything was unloaded, boom, it was unloaded to where I need it to be and all the items that had been taken apart were put back together! When I got my bill it was a wee bit higher than my estimate, which I knew to possibly expect, but it was because the weight of all my stuff was higher than had been initially figured, no problem. No surprises or hidden costs - and EVERY step of the way was professional, caring, helpful, and efficient! Moving sucks, but if I ever have to go through that again (I hope it's no time soon!) I will most definitely go through Apex!read more
Lisa Myers
Lisa Myers
04:47 14 Apr 17
If you are needing good movers then go with Apex Moving & Storage they are very careful and professional and move things that other movers wouldn't move- keeping their customers happy. So I whole heartily recommend APEX to making your moving experience a pleasant one! Lisa HAPPY Hallread more
Dennis Kenney
Dennis Kenney
20:48 06 Apr 17
Great group to work with. I very much appreciate that they were able to help me on short notice. Movers were very professional and quick.read more
Jamie LashCrack
Jamie LashCrack
20:58 29 Mar 17
We used Apex for our Mercer Island move and were very happy with the crew. Courteous, careful and they worked so hard for so very long. Thank you Apex Moving for making a stressful process that much easier!read more
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