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To Transport, Or Not To Transport, That Is The Question.

I checked out a website called Kelly Blue Book that provides the "Blue Book" value of a car based on make, model, year, and mileage.

In checking, I discovered that the difference between worth less and worthless can be quite minimal. For example, my car is worth less than one-thousand dollars, according to Kelly Blue Book (Which is practically worthless). Although, with my car being 17 years old with over 250,000 miles on it, my hopes were neither high nor crushed too severely.

Whether the Blue Book value of your car is worth more or worth less than you thought, having that number can help you decide what type of moving insurance to go with, if you're moving long distance and want your car transported.

When it comes to moving long distance, you have two options for conveying your 4-wheeled automobile to your new home:

  1. Drive it

  2. Transport it

Drive it.

When you are deciding whether or not to drive it, you will need to figure out how much it would cost to drive yourself. (Gas, Hotels, etc.) MapQuest can calculate the distance and the cost of gas for you. Most moving companies will give you the delivery schedule beforehand, so it should be quite simple to plan your hotels out.

Transport it.

Ask your moving company how much they charge for vehicle transport. What is transporting? Transporting is when a moving company loads your car into a larger car (AKA: Truck) and unloads it at your new home. While transporting is not a form of teleportation (unfortunately), it can still be quite valuable if you're moving long distance.

If you do decide to transport your vehicle, you will generally have two choices for liability coverage. You can get Full Value Protection, which like it sounds, covers everything. Or you can get Released Value Protection, which unlike the Full Value, only covers your items on a per-pound basis. You can check out more about valuation and insurance options on ProtectYourMove.Gov.

With careful investigation you can make sure you're getting the best "bang for your buck", as it were. (Whether you choose to transport or not, I support your decision one-hundred percent!)

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