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4 Weeks Before You Move

4 Weeks Before You Move

Apartment or condo?

If you live in an apartment or condo complex, contact your property or building manager and inquire about scheduling your move date and time. Certain buildings may have date or time restrictions as to when moving can be done.

Are you set?

  • Contact us at 800-643-8896 and schedule your move – it is always easier to change your move date early than to reschedule at the last second.
  • “Hey, there wait a minute, Mr. Postman…” Fill out a US Postal change of address form.
  • Close any local charge accounts.
  • Notify insurance companies of your move and transfer all insurance on your home and possessions.
  • Contact utilities for disconnection or transfer and possible refunds. Since you will want to have your utilities still connected on moving day, arrange to have them disconnected after you are moved out.
  • If necessary, arrange for a babysitter to watch your children on moving day. You may need someone to keep your children occupied so that they remain safe during the loading process.
  • While sorting through your belongings, remember to return anything else you have borrowed.
  • Remember to collect items that are being cleaned, stored or repaired.

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Another Outstanding move!! I used their services back a few years ago when we moved from Florida. We did a full move with them. I couldn’t ask for better service! Make sure you call them!!!

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